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J.W. Gillentine CHB is a Memphis, Tennessee based U.S. Customs brokerage service, offering services to commercial accounts importing parts and supplies from all over the world. We offer our customers reliable, efficient and personalized service. Our staff is experienced and dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality of services and assistance. We can assist you in designing and implementing import programs that will best suit your needs of getting your products to your distribution centers or to your customers.

Through the use of today's technologies, J.W. Gillentine is directly connected with U.S. Customs ABI system. Our system is operational at most ports in the southern region such as Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee, and neighboring Little Rock, Arkansas and New Orleans, Louisiana.

We are an independent broker and have no limitations that would prevent us from working with any carrier, forwarder or broker of your preference.

J.W. Gillentine maintains a direct link with U.S. Customs Service through the Automated Broker Interface (ABI) system. This provides us with the capability to file entries and receive clearance of most all shipments electronically. We can provide electronic payment arrangements for payment of duty, fees, etc.

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